Imported XCMG Vehicle Crane - HDS Brisbane

Pre-delivery of Imported XCMG Vehicle Crane

Recently we completed a pre-delivery for an imported 25 tonne XCMG Vehicle Crane. This involved collection from the wharf in Brisbane, ensuring all necessary inductions were carried out prior to driving it to our workshop. Once the vehicle crane was at our workshop, the pre-delivery inspection was carried out which identified some minor repairs required to a faulty rope and some damaged guards. To ensure the vehicle crane complied with Australian Standards, safety stickers and beacons were fitted prior to HDS organising a supervised weigh with the Department of Transport and a Crane Safe Inspection with the Crane Industry Council of Australia. Registration of the special purpose vehicle on behalf of the customer was organised prior to us delivering it to Brisbane’s Southside. The HDS team are inducted with Australian Amalgamated Terminals to ensure smooth transition of imports on arrival into Australia.

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